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Nutrition & Wellness

Staying well at Westminster.

We strive to provide our students with healthy and nutritious meals so that they can make the most of their school day. The meals we provide balance nutrition with taste preferences, delivering students nourishment they truly look forward to and enjoy. Every day students are offered many options, including fresh fruit and freshly cut and cooked vegetables. Westminster also participates in community events, such as a farmers markets, and encourages families to do the same.

In addition to fueling young bodies to do their best, physical activity is also an important factor in wellness, and we make a point of ensuring every student is active in physical activity every day through physical education and a daily recess period.

Meet the chef!

Shannon Tegler is our chef manager, and she has been in the kitchen at Westminster for nearly a decade. With an associate’s degree in culinary arts and a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, she has been working in the food industry since she was just 15 years old—not far off from some of our students!

If you have questions about our dining program, get in touch with Shannon at

Our kitchen is subject to an Administrative Review every three years by the State Education Department. Westminster Community Charter School is being reviewed during the 2023-2024 school year. Results from our previous review can be found here.

Parent Letter, Public Announcement for School Meals

The Kaleida Clinic.

Westminster is one of the few schools in Buffalo with a Kaleida Clinic within the school. As a primary care clinic, students are provided comprehensive health assessments, diagnosis and treatment, and nutritional counseling. Mental health services include assessments, crisis intervention, counseling, and referrals as needed. Services are provided by a multidisciplinary team that includes nurse practitioners, medical assistants, social workers, dietitians, psychologists, education counselors, and physicians. The Kaleida Clinic provides on-site access to students enrolled in that school during the academic day when school is in session.

Wellness Policy.

Wellness Policy