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Title I


The purpose of this title is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.

Schoolwide Title IA Program

Westminster Community Charter School operates a Schoolwide Title IA Program. The purpose of this program is to provide schools with high percentages of at-risk children the flexibility to implement a comprehensive program to increase the academic success of all students, particularly those furthest from meeting high academic standards.  The Title IA program at Westminster Community Charter School includes the following required components:

  1. Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  2. Schoolwide Reform Strategies
  3. Instruction By Highly Qualified Teachers
  4. High Quality & Ongoing Professional Development
  5. Strategies to Attract High Quality Highly Qualified Teachers to High Needs Schools
  6. Strategies to Increase Parental Involvement
  7. Transition Plans to Assist Preschool Children from Early Childhood Programs to Elementary School Programs
  8. Measures to Include Teachers in Decisions Regarding the Use of Academic Assessments (selection of appropriate assessments, collection of data and its use to inform instruction)
  9. Activities to Ensure that Students Who Experience Difficulty Attaining Proficiency Receive Effective and Timely Additional Assistance
  10. Coordination and Integration of State, Federal, and Local Services and Programs

The objectives of the Title IA Program at Westminster Community Charter School are:

  • A clear focus;
  • High expectations for students and staff;
  • An environment focused on learning;
  • Strong leadership;
  • Curriculum, instruction, and assessments aligned with standards;
  • High-quality professional development;
  • A collaborative spirit and collaborative structures;
  • Meaningful parental involvement; and
  • A commitment to continuous review and improvement.

Our program is based on the fundamental principles of Title I, as amended by the NCLB:

  • Accountability for results. In a schoolwide program, accountability for results is shared throughout the school.  All students are expected to meet the State’s challenging standards, and students who experience difficulty mastering those standards are provided timely, effective, additional assistance.  Teachers use information about student performance and share ways that instruction can be improved to meet a wide range of student needs.  The school keeps parents informed of the achievement of individual students, and of the progress of the school in meeting its goals.
  • Research-based practices.  Schoolwide programs operate according to a plan that contains proven, research-based strategies designed to facilitate schoolwide reform and improvement. Professional development activities are based on practices proven to be successful in helping teachers improve the quality of their instruction.
  • School and community engagement. Staff in schoolwide programs engage parents and the community in their work as planners, participants, and decision makers in the operation of the school.  This collaboration is based on a shared vision of the school’s values and overall mission.  These partnerships strengthen the school’s ability to meet the needs of all students and improve the school.

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