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Show your pride in a Westminster uniform.

Blue and gold looks good on us! At Westminster, our uniforms help create an orderly and nonjudgmental environment, instill discipline, and inspire pride among our student body.

Our uniforms are comprised of:

Navy Blue Westminster polo or Navy Blue Westminster crewneck sweater.

Shirts can be ordered at the WCCS online store and picked up at the school.

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Khaki or navy colored dress pants, jumpers, dress shorts, or skirts (must be no more than three inches above the knee)




Sneakers or shoes appropriate for running and play (no sandals, slippers, slides, flip-flops, or Crocs)



Additional Dress Code Requirements & Limitations

Headgear should not be worn in school except for those whose religious beliefs require it and who have medical concerns. Students may not wear hats, caps, silk scarves, bonnets, sports bands, bandanas, sunglasses, combs, picks, etc., inside the building. Students may wear solid color, non-tying headbands, 2 inches or less in width, to keep hair out of their face or to cover edges.

Hoodies, coats, jean jackets, jogging/athletic suits, gloves, or clothing generally accepted as outerwear may not be worn in school/class. In cold weather, students should wear a school sweatshirt.

Jewelry that may be deemed a weapon is not allowed. This includes rings covering multiple fingers, spiked necklaces, oversized hoop earrings, belts with large buckles, and chain-like objects.

Clothing associated with gangs or street clubs/crews is not acceptable.

All clothing, including socks, must be deemed school appropriate.

Special clothing may be required in specific situations.

Dress Down Days

On certain days students may be permitted to have a non-uniform day.  The following guidelines must be adhered to:

Uniform Pants are required on all dress-down days.

Westminster Community Charter School T-shirt.

Theme shirt.

Dress Down – shirt of choice.

Clothing that is ripped, cut, slashed, or has holes, is prohibited, even on dress-down days. Clothes with rips that are filled underneath are not allowed.

Shoes must be approved sneakers or rubber bottom shoes. No sandals, slides, slippers, high heels, house shoes, moccasins, boots, flip-flops, rubber body shoes, or Crocs are allowed.







Backpacks/Totes/Purses/ Fanny Packs

These items are NOT allowed in classrooms or the lunchroom.

Backpacks and totes should only be used to transport books and supplies to and from school.

Students must leave backpacks in the coatroom or their locker from arrival until dismissal.

Backpacks for middle school students must fit in the lockers.