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Mission & Vision

On a mission guided by a vision.

Located in the heart of Buffalo’s East Side for more than two decades, we help create a strong community by being a strong choice for families who make these neighborhoods home.

At our K–8 community charter school, every day is an opportunity to build on the day before—to do and to be better. This culture of constant improvement inspires a purpose-filled and data-minded curriculum, one that is delivered by supportive teachers and strong role models who meet each student where they’re at and help them grow from there.

At Westminster, families actively participate in their child’s education, from quality time shared learning alongside their student at Super Saturday to parent achievement programs that power individual growth. Families not only make memories, they make progress together.

Westminster graduates start high school with confidence, with many students attending the area’s top high schools, some on full scholarships awarded by long-time community partners.

Together, our students learn to believe in their promise and chart a path to realizing it—at school, at home, and out in the world.

graphic element

Key design elements.

  • A systematic scientific approach to literacy instruction
  • Mathematics instruction and balanced numeracy
  • Extended day, weekend, and evening opportunities
  • Healthy living
  • Technology
  • Special classes
  • Academic and instructional support
  • Staff development
  • Community partnerships