English Language Arts

In 2020-21, Westminster is beginning its transition to Wit & Wisdom as its ELA curriculum. Wit & Wisdom was carefully selected for its emphasis on content knowledge such as NYS social studies and science topics, high level of rigor, multicultural texts, and coherence with Fundations. In Wit & Wisdom, each grade has four thematic units that integrate reading, writing, speaking and listening, and social studies or science. 


For phonics instruction, Westminster uses Fundations in grades K-3. It is a multisensory program that uses a systematic approach to teaching critical phonics concepts. Each day, students learn a new target skill and then practice it along with other related skills that they have already learned, promoting connections among topics and lasting mastery. The curriculum is aligned to New York State Language Learning Standards. The curriculum offers strategies to differentiate instruction for learners at various academic levels. It can also be used in a small group (Tier 2) or one-on-one (Tier 3). 


Westminster's classroom libraries are full of high quality, highly engaging texts that students love. And every student checks out books from the school's newly renovated library that is full of high-interest texts. 



Westminster uses the Common Core-based EngageNY modules for grades K-5 and Illustrative Math for grades 6-8. In addition to these standards-aligned curricula, Westminster enhances its math instruction with elements including a daily 30-minute math fluency block, number talks, and strategies from Greg Tang, including his Six Step Framework for solving math problems that is used in all grade levels. Our students develop a balance of conceptual understanding and procedural fluency to achieve mathematical success. 



Students at Westminster learn science in an inquiry-based, hands-on curriculum that is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards. WCCS uses the Mystery Science curriculum in grades K-5, which begins each bad with an open question that students work to answer during the lesson through a hands-on activity and classroom discussion. Grades 6-8 use Amplify Science, a highly engaging and rigorous program in which students solve real-world problems by taking on the role of scientist or engineer. The program integrates technology and digital resources with hands-on experience and interactive classroom activities such as Socratic Seminars.


Social Studies

Westminster uses the New York State Framework of Social Studies to teach students about families, communities, and the history of New York State, the United States, and the world. Social studies content is integrated with ELA through Wit & Wisdom. In grades 6-8, social studies is taught with a heavy emphasis on using primary and secondary sources, with each unit culminating in a Document-Based Question (DBQ) task. 



Each day students participate in enriching specials: music, art, and physical education. Students in middle school take Spanish

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