By clicking on the teacher's name or class, you will be redirected to their Westminster Google Classroom. Each teacher will have the class schedule and meeting links on their site. Please be aware that students must be signed into their Westminster account to access these sites. Students can only see their teacher's Classroom.



Ms. Dutchess

Ms. Meister/Ms. Dillon


First Grade

Ms. Hoak

Ms. Shaw

Ms. Toporczyk

Ms. Stanley


Second Grade

Ms. Casillo/Ms. Courtade

Fantastic Foxes

Brilliant Bears

Outstanding Otters

Ms. Kohler/Ms. Venator




Third Grade

Ms. Florian/Ms. Addesso

Ms. Zelasko/ Ms. Addesso


Fourth Grade

Ms. Abbott/Ms. Parker-Kennedy

Ms. Markarian/Ms. Luce

Mr. Panek


Fifth Grade

Ms. Andrews/Ms. Robertson

Mr. Panek

Ms. Wisniewski


Sixth Grade

Ms. Bartkowiak

Mr. Panek

Ms. Smyczynski


Seventh Grade

Ms. Barnes

Group A              Group B              Home Base 1              Home Base 2

Ms. Hidalgo

Mr. Panek


Eighth Grade

Ms. Chamberlain

Ms. Hidalgo

Ms. Marks

Group A              Group B              Home Base 1              Home Base 2              Home Base 3

Mr. Panek

Ms. Santora



Ms. Krawczyk