Summer Enrichment and YMCA Day Camp

The purpose of our YMCA Summer Day Camp is to provide a nurturing place for our students to grow socially, academically and emotionally throughout the summer.  We will provide enrichment opportunities for all students in the areas of reading, health and wellness and character education.

The program runs for a half day for the first four weeks (beginning after summer school at 11:30), with a fifth week of full day camp.  The final week of day camp was our week of field trips. Our students went to Evangola State Park Beach, Fort Niagara State Park outdoor pool and water area, New Skateland and Bowling.  Lunches are provided daily by our WCCS Chef,Mary Ruth Rera, in the Robert G. Wilmers Dining Hall.  Students will be scheduled throughout the day in various activities outside and inside the building including, but not limited to, sports, reading, character education, drama, physical education,and art.  Students will put on an end of summer drama presentation and create team flags to display for all visitors.  We will be teaching the four core concepts of the YMCA: responsibility, honesty, caring, and respect, as well as teamwork and conflict resolution. The students will be going swimming at least twice a week, and they will have various field trips throughout the five week program.