Math Program

We at Westminster Community Charter School believe that all students must achieve mastery of the basic essential math skills in order to develop the critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities necessary to be responsible citizens. Math is a very important element of everyday life and children should be able to see it as such. Through instruction based on "real world" math connections students will recognize the value and relevance of math.

We believe that facts, computations and memorization of rules are elements of a solid math foundation but should not dominate math education. Rather, understanding, problem solving, and communication should be the focus of math instruction. Students should be able to justify their reasoning by explaining and modeling their work in multiple representations. Math is an active learning process. Students need hands-on activities as well as skill practices. ("I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand")

We believe in the continual assessment of instructional materials and strategies necessary to maintain sequential, effective and up-to-date math instruction that is well aligned to the NYS and Common Core Learning Standards. Student assessment is a critical component of math instruction as it will gauge how much students already know, how much they need to know, and what they have learned.

It is our belief, and expectation, that all students of Westminster Community Charter School will become competent and confident in their mathematic ability as they develop and investigate solutions to everyday problems. It is our mission to promote mathematically proficient students and to prepare them for successful high school, college, and career experiences.