Library Media Science

Dr. Yvonne S. Minor Ragan Library

The shut-down Kensington Public Library next door to Westminster was purchased with the support of M&T Bank. The building was upgraded and converted into a thriving school library and recently named after former principal, Dr. YvonneS. Minor-Ragan.  Westminster's library is a learner oriented and designed environment with a goal to provide students,staff, as well as the surrounding community, with equitable access to print and electronic materials. Students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade visit the library for library curriculum, technology projects, research, and reading materials, presented by a certified library media specialist. Westminster's materials collection includes new and classic texts from all genres; ensuring students have access to relevant and engaging material. The library is a place of education as well as enjoyment.

Westminster strives to allow students to become information literate with technology resources. We provide access to technology of various types in our library; it has become a virtual classroom. Students use the upgraded computer resource lab to complete research and assignments. Lessons for library class are often presented on a Promethean interactive whiteboard. This allows the students to become engaged with and contribute to the lessons. library media specialist teacher page offers links to electronic databases, research and reference sites, as well as author and book interactive programs. For more information please call the library media specialist at (716) 816-3450. The Library hours are Monday-Friday 8:15am-3:30pm.

The library database is available online for users to view information about available materials for checkout. Please see the link below. 

Westminster Library Database