Physical Education

Physical education is an important part of the overall educational program that contributes, primarily through movement experiences, to the total growth and development of all children. It is an instructional program that gives attention to all learning domains: psychomotor (physical development), cognitive (problem solving), and affective (social development). The mission of Physical Education is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong, physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

With national and local obesity rates at all-time highs (Buffalo-Niagara Falls, N.Y.: 24.8% of adults are obese, according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, 2011), the WCCS Physical Education Program recognizes the urgency for children to be active. The program also recognizes the need to attain and maintain optimum health and fitness for living. We provide opportunities for children to develop their potential for physical movement in all ways, not just within the rules of games, but by challenging children to think, to operate creatively, and problem solve.  Our program can provide a meaningful experience to the education of the whole student.

Our philosophy of Physical Education encourages the learner to:

1.   Understand and value physical activity and its contribution toward a healthy lifestyle.

2.   Make informed healthy choices that positively affect the health, safety, and well-being of themselves and others.

3.   Learn the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.

4.   Improve and maintain physical fitness.

5.   Demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior and respect differences among people.